Main specifications

- Ural CT750 2-wheel drive
- Solid Walnut Extensible Worktops
- Solid Walnut storage drawers
- Knock box
- Removable structure made of powder-coated steel 
- Modified Side
- Secure electrical installation
- Water pump 2 - 3 Bars
- Mineral water reserve
- Water reserve 
- Waste water tank 
- Integrated USB ports 
- Complete Professional Barista Equipment
- Removable 3m/3m umbrella

The Last Cup is a sidecar made for a professional speciality coffee maker.

Able to travel independently in order to offer its services on many occasions, this project is totally unique.

The entire installation is reversible, allowing the owner to enjoy the classic use of a sidecar again when it is not in service.

Do not hesitate to contact The Last Cup, to use its services during your events.

Pictures: Damien Lorrai for Moto Heroes #31